All Time Service

Provides all types of service even tailor made depending on the needs of the ship and assists the crew, both in the harbour and anchored in the roads, through a network of agents, providing assistance from arrival to departure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Port Services

  • Pilotage
  • Tugging
  • Docking
  • Platform / gangway services
  • Shuttle service at anchor
  • Crane service and fork lift
  • Yokohama / spacers placement
  • Floating anti-pollution barriers placement
  • Potable and industrial water supply
  • Solid / liquid/ chemical waste disposal
  • Customs, health and consular transit formalities
  • Formlites douanieres et consulaires de transit et sanitaire

All services are regulated and certified by the current Legislation of local port authorities.

Repairs / Maintenance Services


Equipment, materials, tools, polypropylene cables, ropes, varnish, grease thinners, publications, instrumentation and nautical equipment, security equipment (clothing, helmets, glasses, shoes and gloves) curtains.

Machinery / Electrical

Equipment, materials, tools, oils, lubricants, freon gas, bearings, leads, lamps, electric and electronic components, batteries, fire equipment and devices.

Repairs and Maintainance

Assistance and supply of technical personnel to identify and solve any ship damage.
Research and supply of spare parts.
Personnel for underwater inspections and work in hull.


  • Frozen / fresh meat
  • Frozen / fresh fish
  • Frozen / fresh vegetables
  • Cheese / cured meats
  • Fresh fruit / canned fruit
  • Wine / sparkling wine / champagne
  • Mineral water / beer / soft drink / juice
  • Snacks
  • Specific requests of local food products

All time service is aligned with the european food Safety guideline (e.f.s.a) regulation (e.c.) no. 1642/2003 – m. 575/2006 – no. 202/2008 – no. 596/2009 and subsequent Issues.
For ports outside the european union area, the Supplies will be adapted to thlocal regulations and Standards.
All products are certified expiry dates as per The above regulations.


Alcohol / Spirits

Whisky, brandy, grappa, vodka, gin, rum, martini etc.


– Italian tobacco: MS
– Foreign tobacco: Marlboro, Merit, Camel, Pall Mall, Winston, Lucky Strike, Dunhill, Rothmans, Benson & hedges


Catering / Representation/ Sports/ Tour

Catering / Representation

All time serviceprovides assistance for protocol / courtesy / visits to the military civil authorities of the port of arrival with the supply of cars and vessels of representation, catering service for festive refre refreshments / aperitifs / lunches.

Shuttle service /tour

We organise shuttle services with driver for the Staff from the ship to the city centre or another agreed destination.
We guarantee car/van rental with or without driver For your own use.
We organise travel programs/excursions/sightseeing tours by bus (minibus 9-19 people or larger vehicles catering for groups of either 30 or 50 people) all with a qualified driver and with a mother tongue guide on request.


We also provide assistance for sports events for crews, including sports material, facilities and transport of personnel to and from the location.


  • Products for personal hygiene (shower gel, soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Professional cleaning products (industrial soaps, degreasers, cleaning cloths)
  • Disposable items (plates, cups and cutlery etc.)
  • Sheets / pillow cases
  • Table cloths / napkins

Other Services

  • Laundry service
  • Health care and / or hospital
  • Storage / porterage / warehousing services
  • Pick-up / delivery to and from the airport
  • Shipping service
  • Your desire is our commitment

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