All Time Service

Has been operating for more than 40 years in most of the ports of the mediterranean basin and the atlantic sea with the most ancient profession of the sea: the ship chandler.

ATS provides all types of service even tailor made depending on the needs of the ship and assists the crew, both in the harbour and anchored in the roads, through a network of agents, providing assistance from arrival to departure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, our experience has enabled us to specialise in providing logistical support to the naval campaigns of Military Units, with specific reference to the Italian Navy “the training ship A. Vespucci”, the French Navy “the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle”, the German Navy “FGS Schleswig Holstein”, the Egyptian Navy “ ENS Alexandria”, the NATO Formations (S.N.F.M. – S.N.M.C.) with particular attention to the peculiarities, traditions and customs of the different countries to which they belong to each time (France, Germany, Greece, England, Spain, Turkey).

Our strengths:

European logistics and commercial network with international partners. 100%
High quality products with excellent selection and Competitive costs in the current market. 100%
Prompt, flexible and high-quality service. 100%